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MUCA Minute

MN CGA Best Practices

Best Practice 5-18: Excavation Observer

Practice Statement: The excavator has an observer to assist the equipment operator when operating excavation equipment around known underground facilities.

Practice Description: The excavator designates a worker (an observer) who watches the excavation activity and warns the equipment operator while excavating around a utility to prevent damaging that buried facility.

Interchangeable Terms — One Great Goal!

I keep four “flash cards” at my desk and no matter how you arrange these four words, they represent something I strive for daily.

Remarkable: Able to be remarked about; To leave an indelible impression

Leadership: An attempt to remove hurdles; It makes people freer; Skills and talents you bring to the table; A desire to act; An invitation from others.

Community: Shared network; Meaningful sets of relationships; A sense of belonging & protection.

Experience: Knowledge that you have gained; Judgement; Transformational situations; Generates value.

It is my goal to have every MUCA Member Experience a Remarkable Community of Leadership or recognize they are a Community of Leadership in a Remarkable Experience.



MUCA Member Update

Thank You for Renewing!

THANKS to Brock White Company, County Materials Corporation, C.W. Houle, Inc., Duininck, Inc., EJ, Empire Bucket, Esch Construction Supply, Inc., GM Contracting, Inc., Goliath Hydro-Vac, Inc., HD Supply Waterworks, Hennen Construction, Meyer Contracting, Reiner Contracting for investing in your Association for 2017!

To join or renew, simply log in to the MUCA Membership page on the website. You’ll need your login and password. If you don’t know it, email or call (651) 735-3908.

Contractors who renew in November receive 2 Free Training Credits!

Board of Directors Announces 2017 Dues Increase — After 7 years with no increase in dues, your Board of Directors has determined the value for your investment is worthy of a moderate increase. Starting January 1, 2017, MUCA Dues Structure (by sales volume, based on overall underground work) will be:

  • Contractors Under $1 Mil: $1,300
  • Contractors $1-2 Mil: $2,250
  • Contractors $2.1-5 Mil: $3,400
  • Contractors Over 5 Mil: $4,000
  • Associates: $950
  • Government/Institutions: $300

CWCC Lame Duck Session Outlook

The Clean Water Construction Coalition (CWCC) reports that the U.S. House and Senate are scheduled to reconvene on November 14 and 15 to begin the “Lame Duck” session. There is no legislative agenda set for either chamber as each political party is waiting for the results of today’s elections. Issues the Coalition need to be addressed immediately include a Continuing Resolution (the current one expires on December 9, 2016) and the reauthorization of the WRDA (Water Resources Development Act). Read the Clean Water Construction Coalition’s report here. For a more detailed report, see Key Advocates November 2016 Report.

*MUCA is a Steering Committee Member of the CWCC

Employee Handbook Seminar

Thursday, December 16, 8 -10 AM
Crowne Plaza Bloomington MSP Airport/MOA
5401 Green Valley Drive, Bloomington

Hosted by Seaton|Peters|Revnew. Attorney Greg Peters will discuss practical tips and legal considerations based upon recent case law regarding items that should be included and not included in your employee handbook, and updates for your current handbook.

Topics include: WESA and Paid Sick Leave Updates; EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity); Anti-Harassment; At-Will Disclaimers; Payroll/Overtime/Hours/Breaks; Absenteeism; Privacy; Electronic Communications; Various Leaves/Paid Time Off; Employee Benefits; Discipline/Work Rules and Acknowledgement.

To register, please visit the Seaton|Peters|Revnew website and hit submit, then wait for the PayPal screen to pop up. If you would prefer to mail in a check, simply fill out the form and bypass the online payment option. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Melissa Gross at 952-921-4610 or mgross@seatonlaw.com.

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