Tuesday, October 25, 2016


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MN CGA Best Practices

Best Practice 5-12: Work Site Review with Company Personnel

Practice Statement: Prior to starting work, the excavator reviews the location of underground facilities with site personnel.

Practice Description: Sharing information and safety issues during an on-site meeting between the excavator and the excavating crews helps avoid confusion and needless damage to underground facilities.

The Brilliance of the Founding Fathers


My father was a constitutional scholar and here’s what he helped me understand:

We are a Republic, not a Democracy. The individual is sovereign and our inalienable rights (Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness) come from God, not from Government (i.e. healthcare and education are nice, but not a ‘right’).

Federalism is at the core; each state acts like an ‘experiment’ of freedom and can determine its own course. This should keep government limited and decentralized, thus pushing accountability to the ‘lower levels’ where we live. It allows individuals to ‘fire’ (i.e. not re-elect) those responsible for bad policies.

Back then, the Founding Fathers recognized that you couldn’t run a country of 7 million from DC; why would anyone expect it to work with 330 million? Please Vote on November 8th.



MUCA Member Update

Two Weeks Away! Annual Meeting Date: November 10

Mystic Lake Casino
2400 Mystic Lake Blvd. NW, Prior Lake

Had enough of election coverage? Join us as we experience Innovation at the Speed of Laughter, with John Sweeney from the Brave New Workshop, at our 2016 Annual Meeting!

Bring the spouse or significant other and stay at Mystic for the MUCA negotiated rate of $129. Call (952) 445-9000 and reserve your room under the “MUCA Annual Meeting” block.

CALL FOR SPONSORS & EXHIBITORS: Promote Your Company, Support MUCA and Save Your Space — Register today!

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Thank You for Renewing!

THANKS to Bearence Management Group, Blake Drilling Company, Belair Sitework Services, Designing Earth Contracting, Gene’s Sewer & Water, Lawn & Driveway Service, Michels Corporation, Neenah Foundry, Plaisted Companies, Inc., Raveling Companies, Royal Concrete Pipe, Inc., Tri-State Pump and Control, Inc., and True North Steel, for investing in your Association for 2017!

To join or renew, simply log in to the MUCA Membership page on the website. You’ll need your login & password. If you don’t know it, email or call (651) 735-3908.

Contractors who renew in October receive 3 Free Training Credits!

Board of Directors Announce 2017 Dues Increase — After 7 years with no increase in dues, your Board of Directors has determined the value for your investment is worthy of a moderate increase. Starting January 1, 2017, MUCA Dues Structure (by sales volume, based on overall underground work) will be:

  • Contractors Under $1 Mil: $1,300
  • Contractors $1-2 Mil: $2,250
  • Contractors $2.1-5 Mil: $3,400
  • Contractors Over 5 Mil: $4,000
  • Associates: $950
  • Government/Institutions: $300

House Passes WRDA

The House of Representatives passed its version (H.R. 5303) of the Water Resources Development Act on September 28th. The Senate passed its version of the bill back on September 15th. There are significant differences between the versions that won’t be reconciled until after the election, in the “Lame Duck” session. Read the Clean Water Construction Coalition’s report here.

Stormwater Management Seminar

Thursday, November 10th 7:15 AM - Noon
Hilton Garden Inn, 1050 Gramsie Road, Shoreview

Hosted by True North Steel and Aqua Shield. Topics include Underground Stormwater Detention and Retention, Stormwater Quality and Treatment, Stormwater Management in Minnesota, Upper Villa Infiltration and Reuse System Project. Guest Speakers include Todd Smith, MPCA and Walter Eshenaur with SRF Consulting Group.

If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP by October 28th to Savannah at (701) 492-4498. Feel free to share with and invite your associates.

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