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MN CGA Best Practices

Best Practice 5-6: Separate Locate Requests

Practice Statement: Every Excavator on the job has a separate one call reference number before excavating.

Practice Description: There are often several excavators on a job site performing work. The construction schedule may dictate different types of work requiring excavation from different specialty contractors simultaneously. In these situations, it is imperative for each excavator to obtain a one call reference number before excavation to ensure that the specific areas have been appropriately marked by any affected underground facility owner/operator.


My 9-11 Story

They say each generation has at least one significant event that influences them. For me, it’s been Vietnam, Apollo 11, Watergate, Challenger, and of course, September 11, 2001.

It was a chilly morning as we hosted over 130 Committee Members, from 15 Midwest states, for our Annual Planning Meeting at the Sofitel in Edina. After the first plane hit, the hotel placed TVs in the hallway. We stood together, as an association, and watched the second plane go in.

We spent the next several hours coordinating rides, using a white board and members' rental cars. Who’s heading east to Milwaukee, Detroit, Indianapolis or Ohio? Anyone traveling to Denver — help get folks to Sioux City, Omaha, Kansas City, or Springfield, Missouri.

We came together as an association to plan our work. Working together as friends, we helped get people back to their families.


MUCA Member Update

Thank You for Renewing!

Congratulations and THANKS to Beemer Companies, Ellingson Companies, Forest Lake Contracting, Nodland Construction, and Valley-Rich Company for renewing in September – as Contractor Members, you will each receive 4 Free Training Credits!

Thanks also to American Cast Iron Pipe Company, Bryan Rock Products, Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmerman, Crest Precast Concrete, Inc., Olson Construction Law, and RDO Equipment for investing in your Association for 2017!

To join or renew, simply log in to the MUCA Membership page on the website. You’ll need your login & password. If you don’t know it, email or call (651) 735-3908.

Retainage: What Can Be Held Back and for How Long?

Hosted by Stinson Leonard Street
Stinson Leonard Street
150 South Fifth Street, Suite 2300, Minneapolis
Thursday, September 22, 7:30 – 10:00 AM

Retainage is very common in the commercial/ industrial/ government contract world, and very uncommon almost everywhere else. To curb abuses, many states and government agencies have enacted laws and regulations to control how much money can be held back by an owner or upper-tier contractor. The rules are different all over the place, and unfortunately, a lot of people just flat ignore them. Join us on Thursday, September 22, when Susan McGreevy of the Stinson Leonard Street Kansas City office discusses this topic, including issues such as:

  • Is there a law that limits what can be held for your project?
  • When can an owner or GC hold more than the 5 or 50% that is set out in the law?
  • What if a sub/supplier won’t agree to let you hold retainage?
  • Can I get attorney’s fees if I have to sue to get retainage?
  • Can I avoid having retainage held on me?

Attorneys will be on hand in the Minneapolis office to provide immediate feedback and to ensure your questions are answered. Get more information and register.

Clean Water Weekly

Private Sector Ideas to Promote America’s Infrastructure

The Clean Water Council posted: “Infrastructure is not just a government problem. Yes, local, state and federal governments often plan, finance and own infrastructure as a public good, but when infrastructures fail, or when short-term focus balloons the cost of infrastructure projects, we all pay the price.”

Read the full article and Bipartisan Policy Center study.

Clay Shoot Classic Is October 7!

Horse & Hunt Club, Prior Lake

Time to get the gun clean and ready to go for hunting. Gather your team of 4 or 5 shooters and join us for MUCA’s 5th Annual Clay Shoot Classic, Friday, October 7 at the Horse & Hunt Club in Prior Lake.

Sponsorships Are Requested! Promote your company and support MUCA through several Sponsorship opportunities at the Clay Shoot Classic. Donate a Raffle Item, Sponsor the Social Hour or become a Station Sponsor, where you get to see all 70+ attendees!

Register to attend or sponsor.

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