Tuesday, September 27, 2016


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MUCA Minute

MN CGA Best Practices

Best Practice 5-14: Contact Names and Numbers

Practice Statement: The excavator’s designated competent person at each job site has access to the names and phone numbers of all facility owner/operator contacts and the one call center.

Practice Description: Situations arise on the job site that require immediate notification of the facility owner/operator, one call center, or local emergency personnel. To avoid costly delays, the excavator ensures that the designated job site personnel have all appropriate names and phone numbers. If telephone communication is unavailable, radio communication to the “home office” is available so that timely notification can be made. The “home office” also has immediate access to all appropriate names and telephone numbers.

Day of the Dozers Continues to WOW Everyone!

day of the dozers

There are simply no words that can express my gratitude for helping MUCA with what is fast becoming a Signature Event for us — and all for a good cause.

Please DO visit the Day of the Dozers Facebook page and read the comments from parents. Photos from this year will be posted on the Day of the Dozers website this week.

Early estimates show we had around 2,331 attending and raised over $35,000 for Children’s Hospitals & Clinics. I am truly humbled — THANK YOU!


MUCA Member Update

Last Chance to Register for the Clay Shoot Classic!

Friday, October 7, 2016
Horse & Hunt Club, Prior Lake

We have several teams totaling 60 people registered to shoot. Hurry and gather your team of 4 or 5 shooters and join us for MUCA’s 5th Annual Clay Shoot Classic, Friday, October 7 at the Horse & Hunt Club in Prior Lake.

Sponsorships Are Requested! Promote your company and support MUCA through several Sponsorship opportunities at the Clay Shoot Classic. Donate a raffle item, sponsor the Social Hour or become a Station Sponsor, where you get to see all 70+ attendees!

Register to attend or sponsor.

Thank You for Renewing!

Congratulations and THANKS to Dirtworks, MP Technologies, Interstate Companies, Magney Construction, Minnesota Limited, Northwest Asphalt, North Pine Aggregate, St. Paul Utilities and Sunram Construction for renewing in September; also Welcome Back to Crow River Construction – as Contractor Members, you will each receive 4 Free Training Credits!

Thanks also to Akkerman Inc., All Rental, Inc., American Agency, American Pump Company, Ess Brothers and Sons, Inc., Gary Carlson Equipment Co., Prinsco, Inc., TD&I Cable Maintenance, Inc., The Builders Group, and the City of Crystal for investing in your Association for 2017!

To join or renew, simply log in to the MUCA Membership page on the website. You’ll need your login & password. If you don’t know it, email or call (651) 735-3908.

Board of Directors Announce 2017 Dues Increase – After 7 years with no increase in dues, your Board of Directors has determined the value for your investment is worthy of an moderate increase. Starting January 1, 2017, MUCA Dues Structure (by sales volume based on overall underground work) will be:

  • Contractors Under $1 Mil: $1,300
  • Contractors $1-2 Mil: $2,250
  • Contractors $2.1-5 Mil: $3,400
  • Contractors Over $5 Mil: $4,000
  • Associates: $950
  • Government/Institutions: $300

Clean Water Construction Coalition: U.S. Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Water Resources Development Act

On September 15, the Senate approved the Water Resources Development Act of 2016 by a 95 “yes” to 3 “no” floor vote. The measure in total authorizes $13.3 billion for various water/port projects throughout the country. Important for MUCA Members are the following outlays:

  • $1.8 billion for storm water construction projects
  • $1.4 billion grant program for rural drinking water/wastewater projects, as well as significant provisions for clean water and drinking water programs.
  • $220 million for water infrastructure improvements to States with “emergency drinking water situations”
  • $70 million to capitalize on WIFIA (Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act) loan projects.

We now need the U.S. House to follow suit and get their version of the bill passed, hopefully prior to the Congress’s Fall recess. Read the full report here.

Mark Your Calendars!

Don't forget these upcoming events!

  • Clay Shoot Classic Tournament, October 7 — Register Here

  • Annual Meeting, November 10 — Register Here

  • Pipelayers Certification Training — Register for the Online Pipe Layers Certification course — available 365 days, 24/7

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