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MN CGA Best Practices

Best Practice 5-3:
Locate Reference Number

Practice Statement:
The excavator receives and maintains a reference number from the one call center that verifies that the locate was requested.

Practice Description: All calls from excavators processed by the one call center receive a unique message reference number, which is contained on all locate request messages. The excavator records this number; it is proof of notification to the members. The computer-generated request identifies the date, time, and sequence number of the locate request. Each locate request ticket (notification) is assigned a unique number with that one call center, the requestor, and the facility owner/operator. This number distinguishes this ticket from all other tickets so that it can be archived and retrieved upon request to provide the details of that request only.

Infrastructure Is a Hot Topic in DC!

There’s a lot of discussion in DC about infrastructure, as it was one of the cornerstones of President Trump’s campaign. The Clean Water Construction Coalition provides the details from the Administration, and the Congressional Republicans and Democrats. Everybody is talking about it and all have plans on significant investments for the future. Read more here.

- Stephanie


MUCA Member Update

The Five Minute Foreman Workshop

Monday, April 3, 8 AM – Noon
Ewald Conference Center, 1000 Westgate Drive, St. Paul

This workshop focuses on managing the people side of construction. Most foremen have not had formal management or leadership training. This program is for lead men, foremen, superintendents and other field leaders or managers and includes a take-home action plan for each participant.

MUCA is pleased to present The Five Minute Foreman Workshop with Mark Breslin. Learn how to build loyalty, increase production and make your life easier, five minutes at a time. This is a “Members First” event; cost is only $200 for MUCA Members and if any seats are left, non-members can participate for $400 per person.

Register NOW — Seating is limited to 70 people!

Contractor Webinars

Many damages can be avoided by understanding and complying with One Call laws, OSHA regulations and company/client polices and training. In Excavation Safety University’s Excavation Safety for Contractors: 3 Part Webinar Series, learn about pre-excavation practices, safe excavation, documentation and damage investigation.

Choose from three different days to participate in this in-depth webinar presented by Ron Peterson, Executive Director of NULCA (National Utility Locating Contractors Association): February 14, 23, and 24, starting at 10 AM CST, consisting of three in-depth presentations with a short break between each section. Cost is $375.

Click here for more information and to register.

Thank You for Renewing!

THANKS to George Bougalis & Sons and Hydro-Klean, LLC for investing in your Association for 2017!

To join or renew, simply log in to the MUCA Membership page on the website. You’ll need your login and password. If you don’t know it, email or call (651) 735-3908.

MnDOT Updated Contract Special Provisions

Contractors Beware! MnDOT has issued newly rewritten Special Provisions for Labor and Prevailing Wage Compliance and Administration. This is effective for lettings beginning in February 2017, and all state funded construction contracts with MnDOT must conform to the revised provisions. Review the new Special Provisions.

These changes will increase your costs and affect your current business practices. Specifically regarding employee travel to distant job sites, please be sure to review the Transportation, Board, and Lodging Costs Provisions outlined.

There are additional concerns on compensation and overtime. As questions abound, we are hoping to get clarifications and guidance from MnDOT during the upcoming Labor and Wage Compliance sessions across the state.

Mark Your Calendars!

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