Tuesday, May 30, 2017


legislative update

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Excavator 811 Refresher

WHITE – Area of Proposed Excavation

RED – Electric

YELLOW – Gas, Oil, Steam, Propane

ORANGE – Communication, CATV, Fiber

BLUE – Water

GREEN – Sewer

PINK – Temporary Survey Markings

PURPLE – Reclaimed Water, Irrigation

• Always Use the Correct Work Type on Your Ticket

• Check for Accuracy of the Information on Your Ticket

• Always Check the Status of Your Ticket Before You Excavate

• Hand Dig within the Tolerance Zone

Always Call Before You Dig — Thank you for being safe out there!

MUCA Board Starts Informal Gathering

In an effort to strengthen and develop Board relationships, the MUCA Board has promised to meet at least two times annually in an informal setting. In early May, we gathered at “Escape the Room,” an engaging event facility in Minneapolis. Our challenge was to find the clues that help us ‘escape’ a room, modeled after a James Bond type experience. Teamwork and communication were key to discovering clues. Thanks to everyone who participated!

- Stephanie

MUCA Member Update

Special Thanks to Bob Huber

On behalf of MUCA Members and the underground construction industry, our warmest wishes and heartfelt thanks go to Bob Huber as he retires from Stinson Leonard Street this week.

Bob has been involved in MUCA since the mid-1980s and has been a valuable resource for our members throughout his career. He served on the Legislative and Government Relations Committee and has contributed countless articles on industry issues for the Underground Press magazine over the years.

Congratulations on a stellar career, Bob — and thank you for your time and dedication to this organization and to our industry!

Special Session Ends — $46 Billion Budget on Tap for the 2018-2019 Biennium

The Legislature ended the special session Friday morning, sending its budget bills to Governor Dayton. Included with the general fund spending bills, an overdue bonding bill is also on the governor’s desk.

The governor has three days to sign or veto the bills passed during the regular session and up to fourteen days for those passed during the special session. If he vetoes any or all of the omnibus bills, either another special session will be called or there will be at least a partial government shutdown in the area of the vetoed bills. If you’re interested in keeping track, follow the Governor’s Legislative Tracker.

MUCA will send a separate Legislative Update covering all our priorities and where they ended up later this week.

Congratulations MUCA Scholarship Winners!

MUCA’s Awards and Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce three very deserving candidates for our 2017 Scholarship Award! Each will receive $1,300 to help defray the costs of their freshmen year in higher education.

Mariah Wegner, Daughter of Angela and David Wegner, Nodland Construction

Andrew Peterson, Son of Maureen and John Peterson, Michels Corporation

Ashley Schmitt, Daughter of Victoria and Dennis Schmitt, KS Energy Services

The Committee extends its congratulations to all the applicants and our best wishes for great success in your future endeavors!

Welcome New Member!

MUCA welcomes Altec Inc. as a new Associate Member. We look forward to their active participation in MUCA! To learn more about Altec Inc., visit their website here.

To join or renew, simply log in to the MUCA Membership page on the website. You’ll need your login and password. If you don’t know it, email or call (651) 735-3908.

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