Tuesday, November 13, 2018


legislative update

While the mid-term election was more of a purple haze for the nation, it was definitely a blue wave here in Minnesota.

What this means: we have dozens of new legislators to educate on our issues!

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Stephanie's Sidebar Conversation

Planet Underground Video on Sun Prairie Explosion

Planet Underground has released an excellent video on the after-effects to the community of the Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, explosion.

Notable in the video is a local being interviewed immediately after the event, blaming the contractor for the hit.

Investigations are still ongoing, and to date everything from the contractor not being registered to work in Wisconsin, to the sub-contractor not calling 811, to a claim of a mis-marked line location have all been leveled.

I’ll participate on a panel discussion in Planet Underground’s Roundtable in Mateno, Illinois, on Dec. 13 & 14. There’s certainly more to be gained from dialogue and discourse.

–– Stephanie

MUCA Member Update

MUCA Receives an Award from MnDOT’s Office of Civil Rights

In the last five years, your executive director has been participating in the MnDOT DBE/Workforce Collaborative on your behalf. We’ve written letters, hosted meetings, and met with various stakeholders to help solve this challenge.

We focused on listening and sharing the difficulties for contractors with the DBE and workforce goals set, the subjectivity of the Good Faith Efforts judgements, and the need for common sense.

We shared the need to focus on increasing the pool, and making the goals achievable, so contractors can feel successful and then MnDOT can celebrate their program’s success. We asked them to switch their template from punitive to positive; while they have yet to “achieve” the goals set, there has been an increase in minorities and women in construction and transportation. That was reason enough to celebrate. This award belongs to all MUCA Contractors for your efforts! Thank you!

MnDOT Award

View OCR’s videos shared here:

New Video Coaching Tool to Develop Your Field Leaders on the Jobsite

Mark Breslin, Breslin Strategies, Inc. has released The Professional Construction Leader (PCL) on-demand video training library providing leadership strategy, practical advice and inspiring messaging to transform your field leaders. PCL has trained over 10,000 foremen. To view a demo site of the PCL Video Coaching Series, Click Here.

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