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Legislative Update


MUCA is active at both the State and Federal level, promoting the underground industry. We work for passage of legislation and funding that helps keep our industry strong and vibrant. We take an active leadership role and encourage member participation on a variety of state agency committees and task forces. MUCA provides a unified voice with one focus the underground utility construction industry.

MUCA has an effective and experienced team working at the capitol on behalf of the industry. MUCA Lobbyist Troy Olsen, with Ewald Consulting Troy also has 20 years of staff experience at the Minnesota House of Representatives. He graduated from the University of Minnesota, Morris with a B.A. in Political Science and a B.A. in Social Science. 

On behalf of its members, MUCA also participates in both the Clean Water Construction Coalition (CWCC) in Washington D.C. This organization is focused on supporting legislative policies that encourage the highest possible funding levels for the Clean Water and Safe Drinking Water SRF (State Revolving Funds), and various other pieces of legislation pertinent to the underground infrastructure industry.

Following each Legislative session, MUCA publishes a summary of the legislative activity that session. That summary is distributed to all MUCA members.

National Legislative Updates

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
1.6.20_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (597.85 KB) Administration 1/6/2020
Key_Advocates_January_2020_Insights.pdf PDF (251.07 KB) Administration 1/6/2020
12.26.19_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (571.75 KB) Administration 1/6/2020
12.6.19_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (931.18 KB) Administration 12/10/2019
Key_Advocates_December_2019_Insights.pdf PDF (269.19 KB) Administration 12/10/2019
CWCC_SupportFunding2019-10-30.pdf PDF (738.31 KB) Administration 11/7/2019
11.4.19_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (326.45 KB) Administration 11/7/2019
Key_Advocates_November_2019_Insights.pdf PDF (237.29 KB) Administration 11/7/2019
10.8.19_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (610.53 KB) Administration 10/15/2019
Key_Advocates_October_2019_Insights.pdf PDF (238.73 KB) Administration 10/15/2019
Key_Advocates_September_2019_Insights.pdf PDF (290.58 KB) Administration 9/9/2019
9.5.19_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (610.5 KB) Administration 9/9/2019
8.2.19_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (377.41 KB) Administration 8/5/2019
Key_Advocates_August_2019_Insights.pdf PDF (337.63 KB) Administration 8/5/2019
6.7.19_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (320.29 KB) Administration 6/11/2019
Key_Advocates_June_2019_Insights.pdf PDF (224.23 KB) Administration 6/11/2019
5.3.9_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (673.3 KB) Administration 5/4/2019
Key_Advocates_May_2019_Insights.pdf PDF (240.01 KB) Administration 5/4/2019
Key_Advocates_April_2019_Insights.pdf PDF (285.06 KB) Administration 4/19/2019
4.5.19_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (1.5 MB) Administration 4/19/2019
CWCC_Letter_3.4.19.pdf PDF (839.33 KB) Administration 3/7/2019
3.7.19_CWCC_Report.pdf PDF (395.41 KB) Administration 3/7/2019
Key_Advocates_March_2019_Insights.pdf PDF (223.68 KB) Administration 3/7/2019

State Legislative Upates

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
MUCA 2020 Legislative Survey Results PDF (109.22 KB) Administration 1/20/2020
MUCA Legislative Update -April 26 PDF (139.31 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
MUCA Legislative Update - March 1 PDF (1.43 MB) Administration 3/1/2019
MUCA_Legislative_Update_2019-02-28.pdf PDF (159.62 KB) Administration 4/30/2019
MUCA Legislative Update February 15 PDF (1.35 MB) Administration 2/19/2019
Legislative Update January 30, 2019 PDF (1.35 MB) Administration 2/1/2019
MUCA 2019 Legislative Priorities PDF (252.58 KB) Administration 3/1/2019
Legislative Update June 8, 2018 PDF (215.12 KB) Administration 6/12/2018
MUCA 2018 Session Recap PDF (280.33 KB) Administration 5/29/2018
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